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VOS THEATRE Board of Directors invite you to attend VOS THEATRE’s 2018 AGM

Our AGM will be held at Dalewood Golf Club, June 26, 2018

Membership Renewals and New Member Registration 7:00 to 7:30 p.m.

Meeting Commences at 7:30 p.m.

Join us for the presentation of the Ruth Harcort Scholarship, our 2018-2019 Season Announcement and to hear about social and volunteer opportunities!

Cash Bar

Everyone welcome. Do you not need to purchase a membership to attend but you need one to have a vote!

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Every bit helps when you are trying to fund post secondary education. Part of VOS THEATRE’s mandate is to contribute to the arts education of young people in our community and to assist them in moving forward with post secondary pursuits.

VOS THEATRE funds $3000.00 in local scholarships annually. We ensure that one student from CCI and St. Mary’s High School  in Cobourg and Port Hope High School and Trinity College School in Port Hope receive $500.00 acknowledging their outstanding contribution to theatre in their school and/or the greater community. The winner of this scholarship is chosen by the school.

VOS THEATRE also funds The Ruth Harcort Scholarship. One student, as chosen by a steering comittee of the board will receive $1000.00 to assist with higher education.

Read more about Ruth and that scholarship here

The deadline is fast approaching for applications. Tell your kids, grandkids and students.

No additional weight is given by the Selection Committee to VOS members or volunteers. This scholarship is open to all who wish to apply.

The recipient will be announced at the AGM.



Samantha Clark & J.P. Baldwin on the Role of Women in Guys and Dolls and Cheesecake!


IMG_6744VOS THEATRE sat down to have a conversation with J.P. Baldwin (Sky Masterson) and Samantha Clark (Sister Sarah) about working in 2018 on a show that premiered on Broadway in the 50’s.


VOS THEATRE: Guys and Dolls has been called “the perfect musical comedy” . It ran for 1200 performances on Broadway in 1950, won Tonys and Oliviers and a Pulitzer Prize in 1951. It’s has seen many revivals over the years and has played to full houses from Shaw and Stratford to Broadway. What’s “perfect” about the show and why are the revivals so successful?

J.P. – I think that the book (script) to this musical holds up to analysis very well, comparatively to other book musicals. Yes, it may be dated, but with in-depth conversation within the production as to how to approach a 1950’s text with 2018 values, it is still very relevant and powerful.

Sam: What I think is so perfect about this show is its balance. The two leading couples, Sky & Sarah and Nathan & Adelaide are so completely opposite to one another in character and in the kind of music they sing. The game of ping pong between “opposites” through the show makes it a rollercoaster of storytelling. The show also does nothing subtly. It is loud and proud with it’s comedy  and in creating a mood. As an audience we love this. It’s theatrical enough that we can lose ourselves to the fun of it all!

VOS THEATRE: We know that you’re both were very sensitive to the role of women and their relationships in the show. Can you reflect on the change in attitudes over the past 70 years and how the show still seems to remain relevant to the degree that it played to full houses with an extended run in Stratford this summer.


J.P. – If the script is approached from a more feminist lens during planning and rehearsal, and with agreement among cast and production, we have an opportunity to see how powerful the female characters in this show really are. I personally think that the women are the ones who really drive the story and maneuver themselves into “power” positions by the end of show.

Sam: The whole plot of the show is really driven by the women. You just have to look past the cover plots woven by the gamblers. Adelaide and Sarah get the 11 o’clock number. They confide in each other about their woes and make a plan to get what they really want in the end. It’s really a good time to be exploring what femininity meant 70 years ago – the power of it, the limits of it. I also find it really interesting to look at Sister Sarah and the General who are of course both women and who both hold professional positions of leadership. In my nerdy research I found that this was not uncommon in the organization & I think that is a wonderful and incredibly progressive piece to this puzzle.


VOS THEATRE: Enough serious chat – Strudel or Cheesecake?

J.P. – CHEESECAKE all the way!

Sam: – STRUDEL! ….. no really cheesecake. I just felt badly for strudel and didn’t want it to feel left out.


The VOS Theatre production of Guys & Dolls 
opens April 19th and runs until April 28th

Call the box office for tickets 905-372-2210
Or Book Online Now



Guys and THESE Dolls!

VOS THEATRE caught up with our Hotbox Dancers


(left to right) Heather Town, Bailey Cressman, Michele MacAdam, Marlena Sculthorpe, (Miss Adelaide) Gemma Varty and Krista Sluiman. (Angela Main was reading and catching some rays in Arizona when photos were taken)

VOS THEATRE: Well aren’t you a spectacular group? You’re a singing, dancing glamorous bunch. Are the Hotbox Girls fun to play given 4 of you just left  straight laced fun in Avonlea?


Krista: I never thought I would do a role like this, Anne of Green Gables was much more in my wheel house, but I am loving every minute of it.

Angela: Most definitely a departure from characters like Miss Stacy and Truly Scrumptious! However, it is always fun to do roles that are different and varied.

Michele: I have danced in some of the previous shows I’ve been in, but the choreography in this show is very creative and has been challenging. I’ve loved learning the different styles and can’t wait to see it all come together.

Gemma: It is most definitely a change from sweet, innocent Diana, but I am certainly enjoying working and dancing with the other HotBox girls!

Bailey: The HotBox girls are the definition of fun! With “Guys and Dolls” being my first community theatre musical, being a HotBox girl is very different from my own personality, and I’m having a great time with it!

Heather: I’ve always loved the more dance heavy characters I’ve played in the past, so this is definitely a great switch from Prissy Andrews of Avonlea. I’m loving being back in the dancing shoes.

VOS THEATRE: Which costume are you most excited to wear?


Krista: Definitely the costume for Take Back your Mink!

Angela: Bushel! I think they are adorable!

Michele: Tough question because I have many to choose from, but I have to go with the dresses and furs from “Take Back Your Mink”…eek!

Gemma: The beautiful pink gown for Take Back Your Mink, although we don’t get to wear them for too long.

Bailey: We all look awesome in the pink gowns for Take Back Your Mink, so they would have to be the winner for me.

Heather: All the hot box costumes are going to be so fun, but I’d have to agree with the other girls. I think the Mink outfits will be my favourite, mostly because of the mid-song “costume change”. A little different from any other shows I’ve been in!

VOS THEATRE: In one word what’s been the most fun during the process this far?


Krista: Dancing

Angela: Choreo

Michele: Camaraderie

Gemma: Collaboration

Bailey: Teamwork

Heather: Costumes

VOS THEATRE: Is there a challenge playing a 1950’s showgirl when you’re a community theatre actress in 2018?


Krista: I think there might be 1950’s showgirl in all of us just waiting to get out.   The challenge might be putting her back in!

Angela: I don’t have much showgirl experience at all, so I will have to say yes. But what girl doesn’t want to play dress up in adorable costumes?

Michele: For sure! Especially trying to move and act like someone from that era. I love being able to escape to that time though.

Gemma: I think there is a challenge in totally understanding the mindset of a women back then, but doing researching into that era and what it would have been like to live back then is quite fun!

Bailey: I believe that we have a lot more to relate with these women of the past, but the challenge is keeping that authenticity and relatability, while adding my own spin to it!

Heather: It can be a little challenging, but our fantastic costume department really helps get us in the mindset. I can’t wait to start practicing hair and makeup for the era!

VOS THEATRE: Who inspires you?


Krista: That’s a tough one. I would say it is the theatre community as a whole.  People that volunteer to do what they love to bring entertainment and inspiration to others.

Angela: My mother. She is such a lovely, caring, hard-working, genuine person. She has taught me the value of hard work, commitment, and being a good person.

Michele: My two girls. Despite their many challenges, they are the happiest, sweetest kids I know. They inspire me to be a better person, teacher, and mom. They bring me so much joy.

Gemma: My Dad. We have been through a lot together and he has always been there to support any idea or dream that I may have.

Bailey: My family and my friends, they were the ones that encouraged me to get involved with my local theatre in the first place.

Heather: My cast-mates. Creating new bonds with different people in each show is one of my favourite parts of theatre.

VOS THEATRE: What are you binging on Netflix right now when you’re not at rehearsal?

Krista: I just finished watching all 4 seasons of Reign.

Angela: Grey’s Anatomy for the third time.

Michele: “This Is Us” and “Breaking Bad”.

Gemma: I just finished watching all of Friends, so I am now watching Suits.

Bailey: I’m binging on this really cool show called The Librarians, unfortunately it’s not on Netflix, but it’s my new favourite show!

Heather: Jessica Jones

VOS THEATRE: In 3 words or less why will audiences love this show.

Krista: HOT BOX GIRLS! 🙂

Angela: Classic Musical

Michele: (The) Songs, dances & laughs

Bailey: It’s light, sweet and hilarious!

Heather: It’s a fun, memorable, classic.


Guys & Dolls runs from April 19-2018 at Victoria Hall in Cobourg
Call the Box Office 905-372-2210
or Purchase Your Tickets Online Now


Overthinking Valentines Plans? Try Drinks, Chocolate & A Few Laughs

So, you’re looking for something that’s a little different than your usual dinner and wine routine?  Single and want a night out with friends to celebrate your independence?  Just started dating and the intensity of a quiet meal is awkward?  You’ve been married for 30 years and you’re just over the hearts and flowers?  Well, have we got the night for you!


VOS Theatre director J.P. Baldwin chose Speed Date and Check Please: Take 2 because they’re plays that entertain without being heavy. “Whether you’re currently single, casually dating, a serial monogamist or been married for years, we can promise that you will identify with some of the characters you meet! The 2 one act plays we are presenting take the audience through the good, bad and well….just plain strange world of break ups, dating and relationships.”

The staged reading features actors Heather Town, Khursheed Sethna, Krista Sluiman, Jules Osen, Dan Fraleigh and Chris Ketola.

Doors open at Dalewood at 6:45 p.m. where you’ll find the bar is open so you can enjoy a pre-show cocktail.  The good news is you’ll pass the dessert buffet on your way to the bar. “Valentines Day is all about chocolate! Chef Jennifer Robson recommends, “Treat yourself to our decadent buffet of cakes, square and chocolate covered strawberries.” Guests are welcome to enjoy some sweets before the staged reading or at intermission.



We caught up with Marketing representative for Dalewood, Aimee Tedford who told us “We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with VOS Theatre on three theatrical presentations this year. It has certainly expanded our horizons as to what we can offer as a club to both the public and our members. We look forward to partnering with VOS THEATRE on new and exciting projects for the 2018-2019 season.


Tickets are available at the door so don’t miss out if you didn’t plan ahead but we’d love for you to book your tickets online so we have an idea as to how many strawberries to dip.

Book Online Now


Our Friend Mary Ann Gingrich


She was kind at her core. She was our surrogate grandma, our friend and she had the best laugh. 

VOS THEATRE lost a member of our family on Saturday. Mary Ann Gingrich has been with us since our inception, appearing in our first show in 1991. This past season she was involved in two of our three productions. She ran our props tables, stage managed for the first time in February and danced and  sang in our choruses, many with her husband Merle, for 26 years.  She appeared in all three VOS productions of White Christmas as a chorus member and Ed Sullivan’s secretary. When the spotlight hit her in that black dress with the big pink bow as Ed’s Secretary you couldn’t help but smile. She really was spectacular .  

She was always early  with a bag of wine gums in hand and quietly went about ensuring that everyone was taken care of. Kindness and fun was not something she worked at; it’s who she was. 

When we think of Mary Ann, we’ll see her backstage during the overture of White Christmas, dancing the jitterbug in her silver running shoes sporting a huge smile.  

We know you’re somewhere playing the spoons, bopping around in a great pair of shoes. We sure will miss you, lady! 

Our love and thoughts are with her husband Merle and family.